Tags: Ecomware, AssetFlow, AdFlow, Phomas, Phomas copy, Linx IT Solutions

In the first quarter of 2017, Linx IT Solutions will start development of Ecomware. Ecomware is a new cloud based platform developed to support omni sales processes from content perspective.

Ecomware is a platform hosting specialized software applications, all working together and as a whole giving you all the tools you need to feed your sales channels. All Linx solutions, currently or part of the LinxFlow media portal, or part of Phomas 2, will be migrated to the new cloud platform Ecomware.

Within Ecomware the following applications will be available:

  • AssetFLow, Digital Asset management (DAM) for enterprises
  • Phomas, Photo Shoot Management with a focus on large quantities of product photography
  • Phomas copy, Product Information Copy writing and translations
  • AdFlow, Online template driven artwork creation for banners and ads