AdFlow, Promotion Management System

In order to keep your web shop or e-commerce platform attractive, not only your product imagery should look fabulous! To inspire your audience, campaign and look imagery should be included as well as promotions. And for this, local traditions are becoming relevant.

Promas is the Linx online template driven artwork creation solution for your online promotions. Allowing your e-commerce teams to anticipate on the latest tents, conditions and of course you campaigns. Fast and easy. When needed controlled by a central marketing organization!

And when not for all artwork output, it is affordable to create a template based solution, Promas also supports the easy upload and distribution of banners via the E-DAM system AssetFlow. 

AdFlow featuring:

  • Creation of artwork like banners / headers and images
  • Automated export feature
  • Online commenting and approval workflows
  • Connecting externa suppliers as advertising agencies
  • Importing approved imagery in E-DAM AssetFlow
  • Interfaces with external systems
  • Accessible 24/7 from any location with an internet connection