Enterprise DAM systems should be more than a repository to store digital assets. The Linx E-DAM system AssetFlow is developed from the starting point of being a central solution offering services to a wide range of users, user groups and even external solutions.

As most enterprises are global players, working together in global teams is one of the features supported by AssetFlow. Creating projects and storing related assets, sharing these with authorized staff or external agencies / suppliers is one of the samples where an E-DAM makes the difference!

Storing product imagery in a standardized and controlled way gives the E-DAM system options to create various types of output, matching the requirements of external systems. The AssetFlow E-DAM system offers not only to resize images but also to re-position images on a canvas, creating a consistent look & feel of your product imagery.

Controlling the look & feel of campaign imagery is another hot item. Art-directors want to be in control in the way their creations are used in publications. Only in this way a consistent valuable brand identity can be achieved. AssetFlow’s unique auto crop feature gives your art-director that much of control they want. Upfront! Allowing end users to retrieve imagery in those crops as they are meant to be!

AssetFlow E-DAM featuring:

  • Safe & secure storage of valuable digital assets
  • Easy search and order functionality with track & trace
  • Collaborating on project base with shared assets
  • Auto crop & scale feature
  • Auto (re)positioning feature
  • Interfaces with external systems
  • Accessible 24/7 from any location with an internet connection