Photo Shoot Management, a solution developed together with people from the business. In 2012 Linx started development of Phomas to give the upcoming ecommerce business a solution to manage their product photography process.

As E-commerce became mature, the requirements for product photography became more relevant. Businesses didn’t accept “waiting for what to come” any more but needed a predictable process. A process with built in quality assurance as returns still are responsible of one of the biggest expenses in

Today, Phomas is evaluating into a Photo Management & processing system. Accepting images, imported from all kinds of suppliers or supporting an own photo shoot. The online commenting and approval workflow is easy to use and can be adjusted to workflows supporting your organization’s teams. Once approved, the final results will be stored in the Linx E-DAM system AssetFLow, but also directly can be exported to your e-commerce systems.

Phomas featuring:

  • Creation of orders for photographers
  • Automated RAW > Tiff image conversion
  • Online commenting and approval workflows
  • Connecting image / photo retouch suppliers
  • Auto storing approved images as source in E-DAM AssetFlow
  • Auto file conversion system (color profile, dimensions, file type and position on canvas)
  • Auto image export (matching naming convention external systems)
  • Interfaces with external systems
  • Accessible 24/7 from any location with an internet connection