As important as product imagery, is product information. Only when the two come together in-time an optimal presentation on the e-commerce platforms can be achieved. Phomas Copy can be connected direct;y to the Linx E-DAM AssetFLow. In this way, meta data can be retrieved from Phomas copy and stored in the E-DAM.

Phomas Copy offers options to control the process of enrichment of product information. From creation of a source commercial language to translations for local markets.

The Phomas Copy export feature supports CSV, XML exports and offers an API for further integration. 

Phoma Copy featuring:

  • Creation of product Information
  • Export feature and user interface for translations
  • Online commenting and approval workflows
  • Connecting external suppliers like copy writers
  • Importing approved source product information as meta data in E-DAM AssetFlow
  • Auto product information export (matching naming convention external systems)
  • Interfaces with external systems
  • Accessible 24/7 from any location with an internet connection